Fear is the biggest obstacle holding back athletes. It has many sources and causes mental blocks, stops, and balks. There is nothing more frustrating to an athlete or coach and it can even be dangerous if not managed effectively. We offer a variety of ways to learn the tools needed to beat the fear and block beast! We can work with your athlete individually to dig up and intensively battle specific issues. HeadGames WebCamp addresses fear and other problems in a dynamic, on-line, supportive environment. FEAR: Tame the Beast is a self-guided workbook and video program specifically designed to target fear at your own pace.

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About our FEAR: Tame the Beast program

FEAR: Tame the Beast is a seven-week workbook program with 28 supportive videos featuring Doc Ali. It is the first program of its kind to have specific tools and videos for each party involved in the fear triangle: athlete, parent, and coach. The FEAR program allows athletes to work through blocks at their own pace while providing comprehensive exercises and drills designed to get to the root of fear and move through it. Coaches and parents have tips and videos, just for them, to effectively support their athlete as they work through their fear.


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