Training the mind should be a part of every gym’s culture. Day in and day out you train the body; through HeadGames Skype sessions you can now help your entire gym train their minds. Skype sessions are customized for your gym’s needs. If they need help with fear, we can give them the tools they need. If you would like to improve overall gym work ethic and culture, we can work on that, too. Need help getting them mentally ready for competition season? We’ll do it. The best thing about Skype sessions is that not only are the athletes learning the mental tools needed for excellence, but the coaching staff is there too! Your coaches will learn the language and tools to keep training the mind day in and day out, long after the sessions are over. That’s culture change!

How Team Sessions Work

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Skype sessions are easy to do in your gym. We do groups with teams as small at five and as big as 50. Sessions can be divided by age, level, coaches, and (don’t forget) parents! Put us on a TV, projector screen, or even a wall in the gym! Our sessions are dynamic and fun, all while providing important tools that condition their minds and emotions. Each session has an introductory exercise, a mental conditioning lesson, and a closing drill to lock it all down. The best thing is that HeadGames clinics teach coaches and athletes a language they can use every day. That way, the tools that condition the mind are utilized as part of your daily training. For more information or to schedule a Skype team session contact Doc Ali at 602-284-8077 or contact us here.


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